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Recluta is the first Human Talent Management Consulting firm with the

“Essential Costa Rica” and “ISO 9001-2015” certifications in Costa Rica.


We are committed to boosting the industries' success by following the highest standards.

We work with quality standards.


Customized Service

One of our experts will be handling all your inquiries, and he/she will make sure services surpass expectactions.


ISO 9001

We guarante customer satisfaction with products and services that meet internal and external demands of certified quality.



We are affiliated with Cornerstone.  A global headhunting firm with presence in over 30 cities around the world.  Ranked by Forbes among the best headhunting firms for executives.


Costa Rica

First Costa Rican talent management firm to obtain the license for country brand Essential Costa Rica 2018.

What do we do?

Search for Professionals

We help companies hire human talent with the ideal competencies according to their work culture.

What is your profile of interest?

What do we do?


We collaborate with the competitiveness of the companies upon their arrival in Costa Rica, attracting and preparing the best talent to provide services from Costa Rica to the world.

We create the outsourcing, externalization or subcontracting model according to the needs of the customers.  BPO, BOT and others.

One of our success stories in Outsourcing.

We create the outsourcing, externalization or subcontracting model according to the needs of the customers.  BPO, BOT and others.

What do we do?

Human Talent Consultancy

We foster our customers' success with humant talent solutions suitable for their needs by means of a multidisciplinary, comprehensive and innovative approach

Our methodology opens communication channnels with all key players, we obtain a broad diagnosis of the situation and submit a proposal for strenghtening what is working and action plans for improvement.

The diverse units of an organization are orderly and synergically structured.  Analysis and assessment of job posts, and compensation and benefits that foster productivity and talent retention.

Training, formation and talent development. Assessment of performance and competencies.  Environment and culture, among others, that boost talent in the companies.

We foster our customers’ success with human talent solutions.

What do we do?


We provide tools to those who are looking for professional outplacement or a career twist.

We have designed a methodology that seeks to provide tools to every participant boosting their strengths, improving their personal brand, reflecting authenticity in their professional profiles.

We support companies that want to provide outgoing collaborators the tools for outplacement in other companies according to their professional profile and career plan.

We help professionales become acquainted with their essence in order to give a twist to their professional career and do what they love.

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