About us

About us

Our History

Recluta was born in August 2012 and based on the express needs of a couple of multinational companies that could not find “made-to-measure” recruitment solutions. The differentiators that mark the “culture” of Recruit and that give it a great competitive advantage, among others are:

  • Speed in response times and assignment of an exclusive account manager.
  • Presentation of profiles really attached to the needs of companies.
  • Confidentiality in the information of both the client company and the candidates.
  • Delivery of all the information of the industry and positions analyzed to the client company.

In the first months of this 2018 Recluta has signed service contracts with no less than 15 new companies, local and international, for the analysis and search of more than 80 profiles in various industries.


Transform both companies and professionals through talent management processes.


Being the main ally of people and organizations, providing solutions for human talent that allow them to successfully develop in the local and global market.

Our philosophy

Human quality

All our processes involve a relationship with the client based on respect, sensitivity and zero discrimination policies.


Our multidisciplinary team provides a professional, responsible and comprehensive approach to all the services we offer.


Our services and products are constantly updated to adapt to changes in the market.



Adriana Arce

Adriana Arce

Socia Directora


Adriana Arce Mena

Professional in human talent management, with more than 30 years in international organizations, NGOs, technology sector and others. He specializes in executive searches, highly specialized recruitment, areas of organizational development, work climate and business management.

María José Rojas

María José Rojas



María José Rojas

Bachelor in psychology, specialist in organizational issues and human resources. With experience in the full cycle of recruitment of operational positions to managerial positions, as well as a high specialization in recruitments in the area of technology, training and transition in labor. Among its clients are, Q6 Cyber, Inchcape, Host Management Group.

María Alejandra González

María Alejandra González



María Alejandra Gonzalez

Psychologist with experience in the organizational and clinical area. Specialist in the field of human talent at the level of recruitment and selection, training, work environment and job transition counseling. Among its clients are Advant Medical, Rentokil and Roche.

Miguel López

Miguel López

Socio Director


Miguel López Abarca

Professional with 20 years of experience in business consulting, business management, sales consulting, productivity and executive education. With a wide network of contacts in the Americas and oriented to which clients achieve expected results in reduced times.



A solid and efficient team,

willing to support you.

Edificio Latitud Dent, oficina 203. Boulevard Dent, San Pedro. De la esquina noreste del Mall San Pedro, 100 metros oeste. San José de Costa Rica.