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We promote the success of our clients with solutions of human talent suitable for their needs through a multidisciplinary, integral and innovative approach.


We call ourselves Recluta because we know how to recruit! We concentrate in finding the person for the challenges your business is facing. Whether due to need of changing commands, due to a change in strategy or due to the need of changing profile.

  • We guarantee our services and results
  • We know the market
  • Flexible and adaptable methodology
  • Experience by industry
  • Confidentiality both with clients and with candidates
Executive Research

We support the strategic growth of your company by providing adequate and committed personnel. We summon the most qualified candidates, from functional managers, directors, vice-presidents, to general managers and CEO, through processes with a high personalization in an environment of extreme confidentiality.

We emphasize that the location of the professionals have demonstrated the high effectiveness of our services, since they have been in the positions for more than 1 year, ensuring a 100% compliance guarantee.

Our services include executive searches in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and the United States.

Labor Transition

Individual labor transition

It is a service provided to employees of organizations that want to support their staff by being disconnected from companies.

From the time of incorporation into the Labor Transition program, the person will have at his or her reach the necessary support to get a new job. Your personal consultant will accompany you throughout the process and provide you with the tools to achieve the success you aspire to.

Our executive service includes unlimited technical assistance (until the transition is completed) on a one-to-one basis. This service is also tailored to each professional and their future work.

Work transition to Groups 

It is suitable for groups of workers included in a restructuring process or the closure of a company.

The service is provided through the workshop modality, in which the particular concerns of the employees are addressed and they are trained to rejoin the labor market as soon as possible.

After the group sessions, an individual follow-up is given if required.

Our specialties

As a candidate, we offer you the opportunity to grow and meet your professional passion.

As a client, we provide immediate solutions to your needs in the management of human talent.


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