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We promote the success of our clients with adequate human talent solutions.

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We provide appropriate solutions of human talent in a timely manner according to the urgent needs of our customers.


We are always available to serve and create customized solutions according to our customers’ needs and required execution times.


We are widely recognized in the market and proudly have one of the largest human capital network. Our clients refer to us as LEADERS.


We know how to manage and get the right human talent. We know and understand the market and keep up to date about its trends.


We work according to standardized methodologies and processes, framed in execution. We agree with our clients and schedule our assignments and commitments, for the best outcome.


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We work with non-traditional, innovative methodologies, adapted to the changing environment and based on agility.

We partnered with PC Recruiter, (global SaaS Applicant Tracking System and CRM platform) to achieve greater agility in our special projects, massive and specialized recruitment to increase the quality of our deliveries.

At Recluta we have also developed other areas of knowledge and services, such as Outplacement, Career Transition, soft skills training, leadership and organizational development.

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"As a candidate I give faith that Miguel López and his team gave me an excellent service. From our first contact by telephone and then personally, Miguel explained to me in detail about the challenges of the contracting company. I thank Miguel for his integrity, passion and excellent interpersonal skills when helping me to achieve such a significant advance in my professional career ”

Hired Candidate

Outplacement in Panama City

"We were lucky to find Recluta Talenthunter because we were urged with two recruitment processes that had not been well conducted. In fifteen days Miguel and his team presented us with excellent candidates, all interested in joining our team"

HR Manager

Global company in the technology sector

"We hired Recluta Talenthunter for a recruitment and selection process for a vacancy at the managerial level, with which we had problems to obtain candidates on our own, and in a week we had several adequate pre-selected resumes, and in the right amount. Coordination and follow-up at all times and the response time seemed excellent, we were very satisfied with the service received and we will continue to hire them. "

Jendry Céspedes G.

Tayutic Assukar S.A

Our specialties

As a candidate, we offer you the opportunity to grow and meet your professional passion.

As a client, we provide you immediate human talent management solutions, according to your needs.


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about human capital management sector and its trends.

Reclutando en la era tecnológica: ¿Cómo adaptarse?

Reclutando en la era tecnológica: ¿Cómo adaptarse?

La tecnología ha modificado por completo las reglas del mundo del empleo. La construcción de equipos flexibles, la retención de los mejores y la formación de perfiles multidisciplinares son tendencias que cobran más importancia que nunca. En este nuevo escenario, los...

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Adriana Arce

Adriana Arce

Socia Directora

Adriana Arce Mena

Professional in human talent management, with more than 30 years of experience at international organizations, NGOs, technology sector and others. Specialized in executive searches, highly specialized recruitment, organizational development areas, work climate and business management.

María José Rojas

María José Rojas



María José Rojas

Bachelor in psychology, oriented to organizational issues and human resources. Great expertise on full recruitment cycle for all personnel levels, from operational to managerial positions, as well as a high specialization in recruitments for technology sector, training and labor transition. Some of her clients are, Q6 Cyber, Inchcape, Host Management Group.

María Alejandra González

María Alejandra González



María Alejandra Gonzalez

Experienced Psychologist specialized in the organizational and clinical areas, human talent recruitment and selection, training, work environment and job transition counseling. Some of her clients are Advant Medical, Rentokil and Roche.

Miguel López

Miguel López

Socio Director


Miguel López Abarca

Professional with 20 years of experience in business consulting, business management, sales consulting, productivity and executive education. With a wide network of contacts in the Americas. Oriented to ensure that his clients achieve expected results in reduced times.

Miguel López

Miguel López

Socio Director

Karina Soto ChavarríA

Psychologist specialized in Health and Organizational Psychology. Experience in the management of human talent, through complete cycles of recruitment, from operational positions to management, headhunting, development and implementation of training, application and interpretation of psychometric and psycho-technical tests, advice on labor transition processes and research in the area.

María Alejandra González

María Alejandra González


ANGIE varela

Professional Psychologist specialized in Human Resources, Occupational Health and Clinic. Experience in recruitment and selection of personnel, organizational climate studies and organizational culture, process mapping, job development through the fulfillment of objectives and goals, analysis of human performance and the development of professional profiles by competencies.

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